Firefighter Silicone Wedding Rings

You’re our hero.

You’re a firefighter. Or a firefighter’s wife. You see first hand the
dangers that come unexpectedly upon all of us. You are passionate about
protecting your home, your neighborhood and your community. So much so
that you’re willing to train to become a part of your local firehouse
and do whatever is necessary to fight any fires that endanger lives and
homes. We thank you for your service and the time spent away from your

Here at Enso, we honor your sacrifice with a ring created just for
you and your loved one. Firefighter silicone wedding rings are the
perfect way to say “I love you” while you’re on the job, or while you’re
waiting for your firefighter to return home.

We’re committed to your safety.

Are silicone rings safe for work?” Yes! Even for fireman. You’re not always fighting fires, and so for the other work that you do, a firefighter silicone ring
is the only way to go. It has a low-profile design that keeps it flush
against the skin. It isn’t thick or bulky, and the silicone’s
lightweight composite feels like you’re not even wearing a ring.
Simplify your life and buy a silicone ring that is an emblem of your love for your spouse as well as a love for your job.

With all the other dangers your job presents, you don’t need one more
in the form a ring getting caught on a piece of equipment and tearing
away while still around your finger. One of the very best reasons for a silicone wedding ring is its ability to break, keeping your finger from doing the breaking.

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