His and Hers Silicone Rings

Find your matching pair.

For your best friend and the love of your life, get matching rings as an emblem of your eternal commitment. Enso has silicone promise rings
for the young in love, looking towards the future but not making any
plans set in stone. Or for the couple that has set a date and is looking
forward to marriage, silicone engagement rings
are exactly what you need. If you’re already married and are looking
for something to wear when your expensive wedding ring just won’t do,
look no further than a silicone wedding ring.

Who wears silicone wedding rings? Anyone who works with their hands!
His and hers silicone rings mean you can go hiking together, play tennis
against one another, and find joy in each moment you spend in each
others company. Thin silicone rings
like these stay out of the way, never disrupting your life. This
practical alternative to the traditional wedding bands will allow you to
keep the excitement in your relationship no matter the terrain,
travels, or detours.

Live life to the fullest, with a full set of fingers.

Getting married can mean for better and for worse. So let’s keep the
“for worse” moments to a minimum by wearing your silicone rings for any
and every active part as you live your best life. Whatever situation
usually requires you to remove your ring, a silicone ring will be able
to stay on for. What makes Enso silicone so special is that its medical
grade, hypoallergenic qualities make it the ideal choice for anyone with
metal allergies or who is health conscious. The elasticity of silicone
rings means each and every ring we make is comfortable beyond belief.
We’ve taken extra care to create a low profile design that fits
seamlessly around any finger.

You’ve never worn a ring like this before. Silicone rings for women and silicone rings for men
can do the job you bought them to do: display your love and affection
for one another, without ruining the moments that make life grand. Can
you imagine anything worse than the ring you hold so dear, to hurt you
or your loved one through some freak accident? We can’t. Which is the
main reason to have this ring on your finger and on the finger of your
cherished partner. Should any such accidental catch or tear occur, the
ring will break. A metal ring simply cannot do that. For any couple who
enjoys an active lifestyle or who makes their living with their hands,
this ring is a must-have.

Choose your favorite colors and styles together—or separate.

Maybe you’re the couple who wants a matching set of rings. If so,
check out our different width offerings. For men, the wider rings may be
more appealing, while the thinner ones may fit women’s fingers better.
You can find these different sizes in many of the collections, including
Elements and Infinity.
Elements rings are infused with precious materials like rose gold,
black pearl and peacock quartz. Infinity rings are proudly decorated
with the eternal symbol of love: the infinity sign forever winding
around the band.

For couples who prefer individual rings that have the same purpose,
there is such a wide variety of silicone rings you’ll each be able to
find that one that speaks to you personally. Men are often drawn to the Ultralite rings that are the ultimate blend of functionality and purpose. Women across all walks of life love the Stackables
for their endless combinations for a different vibe every time you mix
and match. Whatever your needs, you won’t be disappointed with an Enso
silicone ring.