Men’s Ring Sizes

Let’s find your comfort fit.

Congratulations. You’ve discovered silicone rings and you can see
your options opening up in front of you. No more hard-metal catching on
surfaces. No more losing your ring when you take it off at the gym.
Hello rock climbing and woodworking and weight lifting without fear.
Hello comfort, safety, style—and all at a low-cost. Yeah, we understand
why you’re considering Enso for the best silicone rings.

The only problem: you don’t know your size. Or maybe you just don’t understand how Enso sizes work. Silicone ring half sizes?
Sizing up and down? Don’t panic, we’ve got you. Let’s talk through some
common questions and get you a silicone ring that fits right.

With silicone rings, size does matter.

Here’s the skinny: silicone rings were built to conform to the shape
of your finger. The silicone material makes them super soft and allows
them to flex when you move. This means you won’t have to worry about
them digging into your skin or getting blisters. Still, you’ll want to
find the size that fits just right on your finger.

This is where Enso’s silicone ring sizer
comes in. With this online app, you can find out your size using a ring
you already have that fits, or follow the instructions to size your
finger using just a credit card and a strip of paper. Seriously, you
might not even have to leave the couch. Try it out for yourself and come
back when you’ve finished.

You may have been recommended a half size or an in-between size. This
means that your true size is somewhere between two whole sizes.
Luckily, at Enso you don’t have to worry about half sizes at all. Just
round down from your half-size to the next whole number (this is called
sizing down). For example, If you’re typically a size 6.5, choose a size
6. The silicone will naturally shape around your finger for the perfect
fit. Nice.

If you’ve been trying out the ring for a few days and you still feel
that it’s not the right fit, you’re in luck. Enso has a lifetime
money-back guarantee, so just contact us through our exchanges form and we’ll get you the ring that’s right for you.

Size-up your options.

Sure, you want your ring to fit right and feel great. But if you’re
like us, you also want it to look fantastic. That’s why we have many
collections of luxury ring designs for every lifestyle, personality,
taste and occasion. We mean it when we say they’re for everyone. Go
ahead, try to keep your cart empty once you start looking through the
design options. Good luck choosing just one.

  • Mix-and-match: stackable, stylized rings with flair

  • Ultralite: for hands-on lifestyles

  • Classic: simple styles for traditional tastes

  • Metal-infused: silicone rings forged with precious metals

  • Modern: cool, sleek designs for minimalists

Take some time to find the right fit and style for you. Once you get
your hands on your first silicone ring, you won’t want anything else. No
more excuses: get your life back with one of Enso’s silicone ring
options. Learn more about men’s ring sizes, or explore the best silicone rings for men or personalized silicone rings.