Men’s Silicone Wedding Rings

Break away from the traditional and wear a ring that’s safe, stylish and comfortable.

It’s that time. Marriage. Or maybe it’s your anniversary. Either way,
you’re going ring shopping. You also care about your work, daily
adventures and commitment. Nothing should get in your way. Have you
thought about what wearing a traditional, hard-metal ring every day of
your married life actually looks like? More and more engaged and married
couples are opting to take off their expensive wedding rings because
they’re awkward and uncomfortable.

And, did you know the symbol of our matrimonial bond isn’t always the safest thing for our fingers? Ring avulsion
and other finger-related injuries are a true risk in this day and age
of active living. Going to the gym, working and crafting with our hands,
enjoying hobbies—the things we love to do—put our useful digits in
harm’s way; that is if we don’t decide to look at safer options. Not to
mention the risk of losing valuable jewelry on honeymoons and
anniversary trips.

Enter Enso—the best silicone rings brand on the market, the traditional wedding ring alternative for men. You may have seen other couples sporting them at the gym or at work and not even noticed.

Say “I do” to the benefits of silicone.

It’s a material that’s used in things like bottle nipples and
pacifiers, utensils, toys and containers. We see it’s everywhere. Here’s
what’s cool. Silicone—especially in Enso’s case—is a non-toxic,
hypoallergenic, flexible material that’s medical-grade. It’s also a very
light material. At Enso, we’re also very proud of our breakaway
designs. This means you can wear your Enso ring playing basketball and
not run the risk of your finger getting caught in the net because of
your ring. Even washing dishes—the key to a successful marriage—is

Just because you’re considering a silicone wedding ring for daily
wear doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality when representing your
vows. You’ll run across outsourced options that can’t always claim their
using the highest-quality silicone. In our case, we fashion our rings
locally in the U.S. So when we say we’re using medical-grade silicone,
it’s because we’re doing the crafting and quality testing ourselves.

Aside from quality, you want to look at cost and craftsmanship. Take a gander at our Elements collection for rings,
for example. We’ve infused precious metals in the silicone to remind
you of your commitment and to show off a little. You’ll be surprised at
how often you and your wife (or fiancé) will get positive comments on
your wedding bands, oftentimes passing as a traditional gold or silver
rings. The cost savings versus traditional rings is obvious with
silicone; Enso rings range from $11.99 to $49.00 (before discounts)
depending on the style. Traditional engagement, wedding or anniversary
rings (as you know) usually start in the thousands.

Express your love in comfort and style.

You should be able to commit to what you love, without giving up
style, comfort and safety. Enso silicone rings are designed so you can:

  • Do work or active-lifestyle tasks without taking off your ring.

  • Benefit from the comfort of a good-looking ring that you’ll forget you’re even wearing.

  • Choose from a variety of collections, some more luxurious, and some simple and minimalistic.

  • Avoid the real dangers that face your fingers like ring avulsion.

  • Hold the ones you love without the accidentally hurting them with your metal ring.

  • Improve your overall well-being by joining our commitment to be a force for good.

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