Silicone Ring Sizer

Our rings measure up.

Our silicone rings
are made true to size. They’re made to fit snug and comfortable. Not
too tight, not too loose. If you forgot your size, are wearing a ring on
a new finger or want to surprise a loved one, we have three perfect
tests to choose from. Keep in mind to always double-check your
measurement, just to be sure.

The string test.

For this measurement option, cut a small piece of string, ribbon or
thread that is long enough to be wound around your finger with some
extra room on the ends. Then wrap it firmly around your finger, without
cutting into the circulation. You don’t want any gaps between the string
and your skin. Gently remove the string without losing its size and
then compare the circle it made to the ring chart on our silicone ring sizer.

The paper test.

Print the silicone ring sizer,
making sure the PDF is printed at 100%. You’ll see a paper ring sizer
about halfway down the page that you can cut out. Don’t forget to cut
the slit labeled “Your Size.” After splitting the pointed end through
the slit, place the sizer around your finger of choice and pull the
pointed end through until the paper fits tight (but not too tight).
Check the number next to “Your Size” and you’ll have your proper ring

The secret test.

When buying a ring as a present, you want to keep it a surprise. But you
always want to order them the right size. Start by locating a ring they
wear on the same finger as the ring you’re shopping for, and then use
our ring chart to find the perfect match. You’re looking for the circle
that fits the inside of the ring. The size will be show inside the

Adjusting for the silicone material.

Keep in mind that you’re ordering a top silicone ring. The material will
stretch a little after wearing it for a few days. That’s why it’s
important to order the size that fits securely around your finger. If
you find yourself halfway in between two full sizes, don’t be
disappointed that we don’t offer silicone ring half sizes.
Just round down to the next full size. The elastic nature of silicone
will compensate by loosening slightly after a few days of wear.

Risk-free lifetime warranty.

Should you get the wrong size, you can easily return or exchange
your ring. We want you to love your purchase, and we know you can’t try
the ring on before you order it. No fear, our warranty has you covered
no matter what or when.  Just contact us with our exchanges form and we’ll take care of the rest.