Silicone Ring Sizing Chart


Whether you’re ready to buy the ring you’ll wear walking down the
aisle at your wedding or that will turn heads at this year’s music
festival, you’re in the market for the ring that dreams are made of.
Silicone rings are on your radar for being ultra comfortable,
customizable (check out engraved silicone rings), and safe for work or play. We agree, they’re awesome.

There’s only one problem: you don’t know your ring size. Buying a
silicone ring online usually means buying blind when it comes to knowing
what rings will fit comfortably. Not with Enso. We’ve provided a way
for you to size your ring without having to leave your couch.

Shhh Enso’s here with the ring sizing guide that will get you the right fit on the first try.


You have no clue what size you are and you don’t feel like leaving the house to find out. We get that, so we built a ring size chart that
lets you size your finger from home right now with only a strip of
paper and a credit card or driver’s license. Cue applause.

The first thing to know is that Enso’s silicone rings are true-to-size,
meaning that your natural size for hard-metal rings will be the same
for Enso rings. This means that if you already have a ring that fits
then you can confidently choose that same size. If you don’t know the
size of the ring, our ring size chart will walk you through the steps to
measure it via calibrating your computer screen with a card. Otherwise,
follow the steps to size your finger.

Start by picking the finger you want to wear the ring on. Don’t
assume that your fingers will be the same size on both hands; your
dominant hand may have larger sizes, so measure the exact finger you
have in mind. You’ll also want to be aware of any swelling or shrinking
due to temperatures, medications or illness.

The ring size guide
will walk you through the steps to size your finger using a strip of
paper and the provided chart. Once you’ve completed all of the steps and
know your size you’ll be ready to start choosing the style that’s right
for you.


Enso’s silicone rings are built for comfort, and we’re not just
saying that. We take comfort seriously down to the design and material
of each ring we produce. With our manufacturing base in the U.S., we
control the materials and the quality of every Enso ring that gives us
our reputation as the best silicone ring brand.

The silicone material in Enso rings is hypoallergenic and
hyper-flexible to conform to the shape of your finger. Ever catch your
ring on the edge of a hard surface and feel like you almost lost a
finger? That’s why flexibility matters. Our rings will give way under
pressure or break off before any damage happens to your finger. That
means less worrying about your ring and more focusing on living your


Who wears silicone rings?
The honest answer: everyone. They’re the ring for hobbyists, outdoor
enthusiasts, self-starters, homemakers and the everyday adventurer. If
you find your ring getting in the way during your day-to-day, then it’s
time to start considering silicone. The benefits really speak for

  • Live your life without ever needing to remove your ring.

  • Choose your style, from modern to classic to eccentric.

  • Prevent permanent injuries that can occur with hard-metal rings.

  • Save your wallet with affordable, high-quality options.

  • Support Enso’s Rings for a Reason initiative.

Finding your perfect fit only takes a few minutes. Trust us, your
hands will thank you for it. Try out your first (or second, or third)
silicone ring and change your life. Learn more about Enso’s silicone
ring options, including his and hers silicone wedding rings and silicone finger rings.