Small Silicone Rings

Good rings come in small sizes.

There’s more to the world of rings than just a simple metal loop
sitting on your finger. Not only do bands now come in a wide variety of
shapes, sizes, textures and colors, but there are also many options for
wearing them than just at the base of your ring finger.

With small rings, your fingers become the canvas for you to explore
your style and show off your personality—and with more design and wear
options than ever before, it’s simple to step outside the conventional
and express yourself with spectacular silicone rings.

Get a ring for every finger (and toe).

Finger rings are small bands that are designed to sit above your first knuckle. This bohemian style is a fantastic way to layer stackable rings with interesting colors and textures on each finger. Get enough silicone thumb rings and whimsical finger bands to match every outfit, every day.

But why should your fingers have all the fun? Small rings can also be
put on your toes for an easy, beachy look that will go perfectly with
your favorite pair of sandals. You can mix up your toe rings to create
interesting style combinations for any occasion.

Slip into silicone for fashionable flexibility.

Silicone is fantastic for both finger and toe rings for a number of
reasons. One of the most prominent benefits is that silicone is highly
flexible. You’ll be able to move your fingers and toes freely instead of
being weighed down or inhibited by cumbersome metal rings. Enjoy
stunning style and full articulation with silicone finger rings and toe bands.

Another benefit of silicone rings is that they won’t catch the same
way that standard metal rings do. It’s especially easy for finger rings
to get caught on things like clothing, bags and even your hair. Silicone
bands don’t have rough or sharp edges. When you wear them, you’ll look
stylish without worrying about banging your rings against door knobs or
snagging them on your favorite sweater.

Of course, our small rings aren’t just for adults. Silicone is an
especially fantastic material for kid’s rings because it will help
prevent them from hurting their fingers while they’re having fun. Check
out our Enso Girls collection to shop for the fashionable lass in your life.

Want easy? Choose Enso.

You may think that there’s some complicated process for sizing your
small rings, but it’s actually just as simple as the process for regular
bands. Learn how to size a silicone ring by using Enso’s silicone ring sizer to figure out what will best fit your fingers—or toes.

Discover your size today and browse through our band selection to seek out your special, stunning small rings.