Harry Potter Silicone Rings - Harry Potter's™ Wand

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Harry Potter Silicone Rings - Harry Potter's™ Wand

Rated 0 out of 5
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COLOR: Harry Potter’s™ Wand

(Ruby inner ring with Black Pearl outer ring)

WIDTH: Standard


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"The wand chooses the wizard.” The brother of Voldemort’s™ weapon with a shared Phoenix feather core, Harry Potter’s wand is a symbol of the resilience and strength of the boy who lived.

Wear this black pearl ring etched with red details highlighting the twin Phoenix feather core and feel the strength of the chosen one.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Every Enso ring comes with a lifetime guarantee. If your ring breaks, stretches out, or fades, we’ll replace it for the lifetime of the buyer.
  • Made in the USA: Made with the highest quality materials to set the standard for luxury silicone rings
  • Ultra Comfortable: Unique, flexible design for ultra comfort even with swelling fingers and hands
  • Safe: Engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology to break away and protect your finger
  • Breathable Channels: Promotes airflow to keep your fingers dry and comfortable

Width: 6.6mm
Thickness: 1.75mm


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