Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get 25% Enso Rings During Our Labor Day Sale


Have you been thinking about getting one of those silicone rings you see everyone wearing? If so, there’s never been a better time than now. Enso Rings is launching a site-wide Labor Day sale to celebrate the end of summer and get you the silicone wedding rings, just-for-fun rings, promise rings, and jewelry that you’ve had your eye on. Starting August 26, everything on our site is 25% off, but hurry because the sale ends at midnight on Monday, September 7.


Top Reasons to Choose Silicone Rings


Silicone rings have been around for several years, but recently they have surged in popularity as more people realize all the benefits they get from these stretchy, comfortable alternatives to metal rings.




Silicone rings outperform metal rings in terms of comfort, offering a stretchy silicone material that form-fits your finger for a perfectly snug fit every day. Even when your fingers swell a little, your ring won’t get uncomfortable because it’s designed to stretch as needed.




Your silicone ring will go anywhere that your adventurous life takes you, from work to the gym and out to the mountains for some biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and much more. Silicone rubber is a super strong material, so your ring won’t break (unless it has to for safety reasons). Plus the material is super resistant to high heat and extreme cold without losing any of its stretchy properties so you can go everywhere with your silicone wedding ring.




Millions of people have made the switch to silicone rings because they offer a level of safety that metal rings cannot. They are non-conductive, so they’re perfect for professions or hobbies that might put you in close proximity to electrical currents. They’re also designed to break if necessary to avoid injury to your finger from a ring that gets caught on something.




Silicone rings have always been an affordable option to get beautiful jewelry that will go anywhere you want it to, but now with the Enso Rings Labor Day sale you can get them at a steal with 25% off the entire site. All your favorite styles are on sale, including:



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Don’t miss your chance to get the amazing rings you’ve been looking for at an incredible price. Find your perfect silicone ring at Enso Rings August 26 through September 7.

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