When it comes to activities or professions where sanitation is a major factor, such as within the medical world for instance, many traditional metal rings are not conducive to these environments. Metal rings may be beautiful, yes, but they can serve as a harbor for various bacteria or other contaminants, and this can become a big issue for doctors, nurses and any other individuals who work in a medical setting or one where sanitation and antibacterial qualities are needed.

At Enso Rings, we offer a comprehensive solution: Our silicone rings, which include everything from promise rings to themed rings, accent rings and numerous other options. Our rings are ideal for numerous people who regularly use their hands during the day, whether for their job or any related activities, including those who require antibacterial and other related sanitary properties for any ring or jewelry they want to wear while on the job. Why are silicone rings so valuable in these settings? Here's a basic primer.

Silicone and Antibacterial Qualities

The vast majority of our silicone rings are made using medical-grade silicone, and this is a product that is tested for antibacterial qualities. This means that our rings are tested both before and after they leave our facility, so you can rest assured knowing that each ring comes with all the sanitary benefits you need to make a difference in a medical or other related setting.

Medical-grade silicone is not just friendly to your own skin, but also to that of any patients or people you come into contact with. It locks out bacteria and other contaminants, such as allergens. This is critical when you're dealing with a medical environment; in addition to the antibacterial elements of silicone, we offer good-looking rings that can help doctors and nurses avoid contracting infections or other serious issues related to their work.

Our rings are not only antibacterial, but also water-resistant, with pulls designed to make it easy for you to take them on and off at will. This is something that's important in any environment where sanitation is needed; while some people only wear their rings when they're not working or otherwise on the job, others want to be able to change out their jewelry depending on what they're doing and where they're going. The fact that we offer a comprehensive line of rings with the ability to change your style whenever you want is critical when it comes to these types of medical environments, where doctors and nurses may need to do something in particular at work and then change their look when they get home.

Here are some of the other reasons medical workers or those who require antibacterial properties in their rings tend to favor silicone ring options.

Simple Cleaning

Medical professionals have to wash their hands dozens of times a day, and precious few things show signs of wear and tear when left to dry without even the most basic care. Our rings are able to stand up to this type of treatment. 

Best of all, they can be washed with simple soap and water in a way that won't cause the color to fade or any damage whatsoever; in fact, we recommend that you clean them regularly to ensure that they remain in top shape.

No Glove Ripping

Another common quality of medical professionals: They're often required to wear gloves for large swaths of the day, which can be tough on rings. Due to their delicate nature, even a simple glove-handling mishap could lead to a ring that's irreparably damaged or torn.

With silicone option, this problem is one that doesn't have to come between you and your work; you simply put the ring on before working with gloves, ensuring it stays safe and sound. Not only does this protect the ring itself, it prevents the risk of ripping or tearing of the glove, which would expose patients to your skin and could present significant medical risk. With a silicone ring, though, there's no tearing and no worry for you or your patients.

Comfortable and Convenient

Silicone rings are also very comfortable and allow you to move freely, which is especially important when it comes to those who need to work with their hands throughout the day; there's no sacrifice of comfort or mobility as a result. In fact, many medical workers favor silicone rings because they are so lightweight and work with your body, not against it.

Additionally, they are extremely durable; not only do they stay put throughout the course of a day's work, but there's no risk that you'll drop or lose the ring if it happens to slip off during an examination or other procedure. You can wear silicone rings with confidence, knowing that your ring won't be going anywhere.

Protective Strength

In addition to the antibacterial properties of silicone, it's also incredibly strong and durable, giving you a level of protection against ripping or tearing. Silicone rings boast a one-time flexibility as well as a durability that means they can hold up through almost anything you may encounter throughout your day to day work.

It's important to note that silicone rings are significantly more comfortable than traditional options, which means you're not only protected but also able to move around with ease. Additionally, the fact that they are water-resistant helps to ensure their durability while also protecting against bacteria build-up.

For more on the antibacterial qualities of silicone rings and why they're favored by those who work or spend time in these environments, or to learn about any of our silicone ring products, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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