Are you a professional tattoo artist who's had one too many issues with wearing a traditional ring on the job and are looking for alternatives? You've come to the right place -- the pros at Enso Rings offer a huge selection of silicone rings for numerous professions, including those like tattoo artistry where our clients work regularly with their hands in what need to be sanitary environments.

Our silicone rings, made from the very best medical-grade silicone, are the optimal choice for professional tattoo artists who want a ring that will provide protection from contract bacteria and other germs, as well as last longer than traditional rings. Let's go over several ways these rings are beneficial for people in this profession, plus some basic tips for picking out the ideal silicone ring if you're going down this path.

Silicone and Sanitation

One of the key benefits offered by silicone rings within a realm like tattoo artistry, especially compared to traditional metal rings, is sanitation and protection from germs. This goes without saying in most professions, but when it comes to tattoo artistry, the higher level of sanitation required makes silicone rings a more sensible choice than traditional metal rings.

The reason for this is simple: Traditional ring materials like stainless steel, sterling silver and titanium may naturally repel some types of bacteria due to their metallic properties, but they're not impervious to germs and they will contract harmful diseases like hepatitis, tetanus and others. Silicone rings, on the other hand, are 100% medical-grade silicone with no additives or fillers, free of BPAs or other potentially hazardous materials that can cause contamination.

While the ability of traditional rings to repel germs isn't exactly a myth, it's minimal compared to the immunity of silicone rings from contracting harmful diseases. With this being said, both traditional and silicone rings should be washed regularly after use to mitigate any potentially dangerous exposure between clients or customers and the skin on your hands that may have come into contact with these surfaces – but it's fair to say that silicone rings offer superior sanitation over traditional models.

Slipping and Grip

A solid grip is a vital consideration for tattoo artists while they're working on a client, and the last thing they need is for a metal ring to snag or slide off due to sweat, oils or other bodily fluids. Thanks to silicone's flexibility properties, it will never cut into your skin like traditional metal rings, making them the superior choice for keeping a steady grip on whatever you're working with at any given moment.

This is especially convenient during tattoo sessions that last several hours or more, during which your hands and fingers will sweat and produce oils the longer you're at work. Many professionals in this field have tried using traditional rings during these sessions, only to find that they slip off or need to be removed because of the aforementioned reasons. Silicone bands don't experience this problem. 

Avoiding Skin Irritation and Allergies

Another possible risk for tattoo artists who deal with plenty of skin-to-skin contact during a given day is the possibility of developing an allergy to certain materials. Some people are more sensitive than others, but many employees who work with their hands in commercial settings have allergies and irritations on and around the skin that becomes exposed to traditional rings.

A big reason for this is nickel: People with nickel allergies will often react negatively after wearing a ring made from traditional materials like stainless steel. Nickel is natural and can be found in some foods as well as alloys, but it's also incredibly common in the metals used to make traditional rings. 

Silicone rings, however, will never cause an allergic reaction because they're free of nickel and other potentially irritating materials. This makes them ideal for those who work with their hands in commercial settings or otherwise come into physical contact with the public on a regular basis, as you won't need to worry about developing rashes or irritations from wearing these materials.

Withstanding Temperatures

Another valuable quality of silicone rings is their ability to keep your hands cool when it gets hot and warm when it's cold. This is a major benefit for tattoo artists who may be working with clients in all sorts of settings that cause the temperature to fluctuate -- such as, say, an outdoor summer festival or indoor winter clothing store.

A traditional ring made from materials like titanium or stainless steel will not only leave you with burned or frozen digits depending on the temperature, but they'll also be slippery to the touch. Silicone rings are ideal for this reason, as it allows tattoo artists to grip tools and perform other duties without worrying about slipping around due to sweaty hands or frigid weather conditions.

Tips for Finding Ideal Silicone Ring

If you're convinced by all of the above information and looking to purchase a quality silicone ring for your needs as a tattoo artist, here are some basic tips:

  • Prioritize comfort: Silicone rings usually have a softer, more flexible texture than traditional metal bands, so if you're looking for something that can be molded to your finger's exact size and shape then this is the way to go.

  • Prioritize durability: Silicone rings are designed for long-term use in commercial settings like hospitals, tattoo parlors and more, so they shouldn't show signs of wear and tear after normal use.

  • Do some research: Look online to see what other tattoo artists like yourself are saying about various models and brands, as word-of-mouth can be very valuable information when it comes to your profession.

For more on how silicone rings benefit tattoo artists, or to learn about any of our silicone ring collections, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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