5 Professionals Who Should Be Wearing Silicone Rings

Silicone rings were invented by people who realized that metal wedding rings (or those worn just for fashion) are not made for every situation. Many professions won’t allow metal rings because they pose a risk to a person’s safety and health. So how do you show your love and commitment, and your sense of style, if you can’t wear metal rings? Choose a silicone ring instead. Here are five professions that should be wearing silicone rings every day.


1: Electricians

Electricians work with their hands all day, but they have the added risk of working around electricity. Metal rings conduct electricity and could be harmful or even deadly if you had an accident with one on your finger. For that reason, most electricians refuse to wear any metal, and instead opt for silicone rings if they want to be able to wear a wedding band.


2: Mechanics and Construction Workers

Working in and around cars and trucks, reaching your hands inside large machinery, or building things with heavy machinery and tools can be dangerous if you’re wearing a ring. The most common injury people suffer if they do wear a metal ring is an avulsion injury. These gruesome injuries occur when a ring gets caught on something and won’t break. Instead it’s your fingers and the tissue, tendons, and muscles that do break. Skip the danger and wear a silicone ring instead.


3: Fitness Trainers & Gym Employees

No matter what kind of fitness you are into, wearing a ring can get in the way during a workout. Fingers often swell when you work up a sweat and that ring could get damaged when you pick up a barbell or demo some pull-ups for your client. Silicone rings give you the opportunity to still tell people you have a significant other, without the dangers and risks of rings in the gym.


4: Medical Professionals

People in the medical profession use their hands often, and a ring isn’t a piece of jewelry that works in this workplace. It could fall off or get in the way of wearing personal protective equipment like gloves, which are not optional in your line of work. Silicone rings are soft and stretchy and fit snugly against your finger so they won’t fall off or make it hard to get your gloves on. Everyone in a medical facility will love silicone wedding rings.


5: Military, Fire, Police

These three professions involve high-stress, physical work environments that require you to be on your toes at all times. It’s hard to wear a metal ring (and can be unsafe) when you’re fighting fires, chasing down criminals, or training and fighting in a war. In some cases you won’t be allowed to wear one. The last thing you should be worried about is your ring, and silicone rings allow you to focus on the more important parts of your job.


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