If you're a professional cosmetologist in any area of this field, whether it's hair styling, beautician services or a variety of others, chances are you use your hands more than just about anyone you know for your occupation. From handling hair shears or clippers to applying makeup, washing hair and numerous other tasks, your hands will go through quite a bit on a given day.

And for those who want to wear a wedding, engagement or any other type of ring, this can create some issues. This, however, is where we at Enso Rings come in. We offer numerous silicone rings, silicone bracelets and related products that serve as ideal workplace alternatives to traditional metal rings. Our silicone rings are immensely popular among people in hands-on industries, including cosmetologists of many specific backgrounds. Why might traditional rings be an issue for cosmetologists and related professions, and how do silicone rings work as a suitable substitute? Here's a primer.

Cosmetologist Issues With Traditional Rings

For the active cosmetologist, traditional metal rings pose some significant issues. For starters, they can get in the way or cause discomfort while working with your hands, whether that's for hair styling purposes or applying makeup. The last thing you want is for your clients to complain about the quality of your services due to your inability to fully utilize your hands.

Traditional rings also pose the risk of getting caught on clothing or hair, and this is extremely risky for stylists who deal with customers on a daily basis. A clump of client hair snagging on a ring and then breaking as you pull the ring away can lead to some extremely awkward moments between you and your client. More than that, it can cause damage to their hair, which will definitely affect the quality of your services in the eyes of those who notice it happen.

Finally, the cosmetology world offers far too many opportunities for traditional rings to fall off. When working with hair, especially wet hair, it's all too easy for a ring to simply slip off your finger. This can be incredibly embarrassing and pose the risk of losing an expensive engagement or wedding ring (or any other type of traditional ring), especially while washing hair or taking part in some other similar activity where drains are nearby. 

For these reasons, many cosmetologists choose to purchase a silicone ring, either as a full-on replacement for a traditional ring or to wear specifically during work. Our next several sections will go over the benefits these rings offer to cosmetologists who don't want to risk wearing their metal ring on the job. 

Secure Ring Fit

First and foremost, the fact that silicone rings hug your finger and fit extremely well is vital for cosmetologists. The ring won't get in the way of your work, but it will be there to provide a secure fit for your finger while you work with wet hair, apply makeup or perform any other task where you may need improved grip on various objects.

This enhanced grip is extremely beneficial, especially when dealing with shears, clippers and other sharp, dangerous devices. Whether you're cleaning the blades with a towel or holding them in your hand for an extended time, there's less of a chance that you'll lose control and cause injuries to yourself or others if these items get caught on something due to their size and your wet hands. 

And of course, a secure fit is ideal for those who don't want to risk losing their traditional ring while performing tasks, since many of these rings are tiny and can slip off your finger very easily. Silicone rings won't do that, especially with the unique way they hug your finger. 

Enhanced Comfort

In addition, silicone rings are far more comfortable than traditional metal rings, and this is just as important for the cosmetologist as it is for anyone who deals with hands-on work. That's because metal rings often push into your finger and cause blisters, which can also form calluses if you wear a ring for extended periods. 

This discomfort can be unbearable after only a few hours at work, but it's even worse for those who wear their ring every day. Cosmetologists are one such group of people, and since they always have their hands in use or near water, traditional rings can become extremely irritating if worn all day. Silicone rings provide an alternative that won't cause irritation over lengthy periods of time due to their soft texture and smooth material.

Easier Cleaning

Finally, since silicone rings are a softer material than traditional metal ones, they're often easier to clean. This means less time spent worrying about germs and bacteria on your ring after you've handled hair or makeup products all day long. 

Traditional rings may require cleaning with soap and water on a regular basis, but silicone rings are far more resistant to germs. This means you won't have to remove your ring for basic cleaning throughout the day, which is certainly an advantage over traditional rings. You also won't have to spend money on professional ring cleaning or polishing, costs that can add up over time in addition to the initial price of a metal ring.

All these reasons combined make silicone rings an excellent choice for cosmetologists or anyone else looking for a comfortable, secure and easy-to-clean ring that won't slip off your finger when you're dealing with wet objects on a daily basis. To learn more about our silicone ring options for any profession, speak to the pros at Enso Rings today.

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