How to Personalize a Silicone Ring with Engraving for Someone Special


A wedding ring is something that symbolizes your eternal love and commitment to a person. It’s no coincidence that it’s in the shape of a circle, with no beginning and no end. There are also a myriad of different styles that you can choose from to create something unique that you can wear with pride. Even with millions of different colors and styles available, though, there is nothing that substitutes for the personalized message you can convey with wedding ring engraving.

You may have thought that engraving was only something you could do with a metal ring, but Enso Rings now offers engraving services to customize many of our silicone wedding bands with your very own special message. Here’s how to do it.


Step 1: Choose Your Ring

The first step in any ring engraving process is, of course, to select the perfect silicone wedding ring. Enso Rings has a huge selection of incredibly comfortable and stylish silicone rings to fit your personality and your style. Some of our most popular collections for engraving include:

No matter which Enso Ring you select, you’ll get the incredible comfort, safety, and durability that all of our silicone rings offer. Every ring is made of a soft and stretchy material that hugs your finger for the perfect fit at all times, plus it’s non-conductive (it won’t conduct electricity) and it won’t put you at a higher risk for finger injuries like metal rings can.


Step 2: Decide on Your Message

Once you select the ideal ring, the next step is to figure out what you want it to say. The great thing about ring engraving is that it can be something a little more mainstream—like your wedding date, or your names—or it can be something completely unique to your relationship, like a favorite song, the latitude and longitude of the place where you met, or a secret inside joke. Wedding websites like The Knot offer a whole list of ideas to get you started. With Enso Rings engraving services, it’s easy to take the personalization a step further with the ability to add emojis and other symbols in addition to the words.


Step 3: Shop

Now that you know which ring you want and the engraving, the final step is to finalize your order. Select your color and size, then click “Add Engraving” as you’re adding the ring to your cart. The website will take you through a few simple steps to create the perfect message for that special someone. If you’ve already added an item to your cart, you’ll see an “Add Engraving” link for any of our rings that are eligible for engraving.

Shop today to personalize your silicone wedding ring at Enso Rings.

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