"Hi friends! I’m so honored to share that this post is in collaboration with Enso Rings, a brand that I personally love and believe in, to bring you this post all about rings that help you live your best life where nothing gets in your way. If you’re newly engaged/married and looking for rings to wear to work and the gym, or just simply in the market for an alternative commitment ring, you’re in the right place!



When Caleb and I got engaged back in March of 2018, I asked you all for silicone ring recommendations over on Instagram. An overwhelming amount of you all recommended Enso Rings because of their price point, comfort level, and aesthetic. The first ring I got from them was the Thin Elements Ring in Rose Gold, and it definitely did not disappoint. I wore it constantly and even had coworkers ask where I got such a pretty silicone ring that also seemed sturdy.



I was surprised, not because it was so comfortable and stayed on all through my 12-hour shift, but because it was also really pretty. Because let’s be honest, I would wear my engagement ring 24/7 if I could, but that’s not always realistic- especially working in healthcare. I mean, think about all the bacteria and bodily fluids we can get in between the crevices of the stones! Not to mention how you could easily lose your ring in an emergency, ripping off gloves like nobody’s business.

Since then, I’ve recommended Enso Rings to so many of you and you all have loved them, too! And they don’t just make rings for women. Their men’s line is equally stunning and comfortable, according to Caleb!



Here, I’m wearing the Halo Elements ring in Copper, and Caleb is wearing the Classic Elements ring in Silver.

And though I do love my warm tones like the Copper and Rose Gold, because they match my Apple watch, the Unicorn and Yeti shades are beautiful, too. And how adorable and unique is the braided stackable ring?

Another reason I’m so honored to work with Enso Rings is that they commit themselves to giving back to the global community through Rings for a Reason. A portion of proceeds from every ring goes to organizations throughout the world to fight against hunger and disease. How amazing is that?

Enso encourages me to continue to be a #ForceforGood both in my everyday life and also in my community and in the workplace as a registered nurse.



I’m a cervix-checking, leg holding, contraction monitoring, baby catching, cheerleading, baby swaddling labor and delivery nurse and wearing my Enso Ring helps me do all of those things without anything getting in my way. 

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you all love Enso as much as I do.



We feel so lucky to have Nurse Clara (@nurseclara) as a part of the Enso Family! 

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