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We’ve partnered with a jewelry manufacturer with the most sophisticated engraving technology available to allow you to create something uniquely yours.

$ + $9.99 Engraving

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Classic Elements Silicone Ring

Game. Changer. Our Elements Silicone Rings are redefining silicone rings. Each ring is infused with precious mater... MORE
Game. Changer. Our Elements Silicone Rings are redefining silicone rings. Each ring is in... MORE


COLOR : Copper

WIDTH: Classic




Classic/Thin Width needed for Engraving!

Lifetime Warranty Included

Enso Gives Back

Product Details

Why Silicone?


Game. Changer. Our Elements Silicone Rings are redefining silicone rings. Each ring is infused with precious materials, blurring the line between traditional rings and silicone rings. Our copper rings are infused with real copper, our gold and rose gold rings are infused with real gold, our silver rings with real silver, our black pearl rings with real pearl, our platinum rings with real platinum and meteorite with real meteorite. Available in Classic width (this one), thin and halo.

  • Made in the USA: Made with the highest quality materials to set the standard for luxury silicone rings
  • Ultra Comfortable: Unique, flexible design for ultra comfort even with swelling fingers and hands
  • Safe: Engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology to break away and protect your finger
  • Breathable Channels: Promotes airflow to keep your fingers dry and comfortable

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Product Dimensions:
width: 6.6mm
thickness: 1.75mm

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Traditional rings can disrupt the moment.
You want to run, climb, work, swim, cook, shower, hold a child without pausing life to take off the very emblem that represents the life you live. Add to that the real risk of ring avulsion, degloving and amputation, and we set out to create silicone rings to protect your precious moments and fingers.

Silicone belongs on fingers.
When the ancient Egyptians created the first circular representations of promise, they used braided hemp. It’s the symbol and the practicality that mattered. We made the first Enso silicone ring to bring back comfort, safety and focus to the way we express commitment.
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We want our customers to love their rings always, which is why every Enso Ring* comes with a Lifetime Warranty. It covers rips, breaks, tears, and discoloration. While we'll cover the cost of your new item, we'll simply ask that you cover the cost of shipping. Need a new ring? LET US KNOW!

*Please keep in mind all clearance items are not eligible for the Lifetime Warranty.
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Free your hands.

Lifetime Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing Every Enso Ring is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.


Don’t risk finger-related injuries. Our silicone rings help keep your fingers safe with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology™.


Lovers of design, we keep creation close to home. Enso’s team creates every Elements ring right here in the U.S.


Hard materials don’t feel great on skin. Beautifully designed silicone rings on the other hand just feel right.


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