Ring Engraving Trends You Should Follow (and Some to Avoid)

A ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry, and one that has been used for centuries as a symbol of love and connection. In recent decades it has also become a way to make a statement about your own personality, whether you are getting a ring from someone you love for an engagement or wedding, or you are buying it for yourself. Rings have the benefit of being incredibly versatile and allowing you to express yourself and your love all at the same time. One of the ways that rings have become even more personalized is with ring engraving.

If you are thinking about buying a silicone ring and you want to have it engraved, here are some ideas for you to consider. These ring engraving trends are becoming more popular as a way to showcase your love and commitment. However, just because something is a trend doesn’t mean you have to follow it. We’ll discuss some engraving trends that you might want to skip along with those you should follow.

Trends to Follow

There are several ring engraving trends that you might be interested in and many of them may surprise people who think of engraving as a very rigid and traditional thing to do. These trends tend to reflect the fun and versatile nature of rings, allowing people the opportunity to truly express themselves. Of course, ring engraving can also be a very traditional thing to do so it’s okay if you prefer to stick to some of the tried-and-true options.

Trend 1: Expressions without words

A fun and growing trend for engraving rings is using something besides words to express your feelings. While words can say a lot, they can also be hard to fit onto the small surface that you have on the interior or exterior of a ring. Since you only have few characters, it’s important that you don’t waste a lot of space with extra letters, punctuation, or phrases. Using characters like emojis can help you get the same expression and the same meaning as you could with words, but encapsulated in a single character or two.

Traditional wedding rings might not have an option to use emojis—after all, they are engraved on metal and it might be hard to find a way to get a smiley face, heart, or other symbol on there without doing some damage—but silicone rings are a great option for engraving emojis and symbols. At Enso Rings you can select from a variety of symbols to express everything from your undying love to your religion or other things that you cherish.

Trend 2: Meaningful moments

Another great trend is to use engraving as a permanent reminder of meaningful moments in your life or relationship. These can provide a long-lasting way to reminisce about those moments for the rest of your life, hold someone close to your heart, or set the stage for great stories to tell your family, friends, children, and grandchildren someday. Some examples of special moments to memorialize might include:

  • First dates or the day you met

  • Engagement date

  • Wedding date

  • Engagement and wedding dates together (for example, 6.19.20 | 8.12.21)

  • Latitude and longitude coordinates for your first date, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, or a special vacation or other event

  • Birthdates

  • Child’s birthdate(s)

  • Graduation date

  • Name and life of a loved one who passes away (for example, Mom 1954-2021)

Trend 3: Exterior and interior engraving

One question that many people ask is where you can add engraving for a ring. Most people have traditionally engraved just the interior of the ring (the side that is against your finger) but that’s not your only option. Today there are plenty of ways to add engraving to the outside of a ring—think Lord of the Rings, but in a language you can actually read—and it’s becoming more of a trend for people who want to express their feelings in a place that they or someone they love can see it at all times.

Several of the styles of silicone rings from Enso Rings can be engraved on the interior or exterior of the ring, making them the perfect choice to get the exact style that you want and be able to add your own special message. The ring styles that can be engraved include:

  • Elements

  • Legends

  • Birthstone

  • Ultralite

  • Bevel

  • Infinity

  • Dualtone

We also have a brand new selection of Dualtone colors and styles to choose from. Since Dualtone rings are two colors—one on the inside and a second on the outside—when you engrave the exterior, the engraved message allows the interior color to show through and really makes the engraving stand out.

Engraving Choices to Avoid

Not every engraving option is a good idea, and when you engrave a ring it’s probably something that you want the person to keep and cherish for a while. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the font you choose matches the sentiment. If you are putting a fun or lighthearted message, a silly font is ok, but if it’s supposed to be a sentimental message, select a more traditional font instead.

  • Be realistic about what you can fit on there. Don’t try to cram too much into the ring engraving and end up needing to abbreviate it to the point you can’t really understand the underlying message or meaning.

  • Use symbols that you know will convey your feelings and not just something that is trendy today (since trends and styles change over time).

  • Consider when and how the person will be wearing it, and make sure the message is something they can comfortably wear at all times, especially if you are putting the engraving on the outside of the ring.

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When you’re ready to engrave a ring for yourself or someone special, shop the collection of engravable silicone rings at Enso Rings today.

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