There are some professions and hobbies that just do not lend themselves well to wearing a metal wedding ring. One of these is yardwork or landscaping. Protect your metal wedding ring by wearing a silicone ring from Enso Rings when you are working outdoors.

Silicone Rings for Landscapers

If you are a professional landscaper, you spend 40 hours a week or more outside, working with your hands doing a messy job. This can quickly take a toll on how your metal wedding ring looks. 

A landscaper’s bread and butter is mowing lawns. It’s something that needs to be done usually every week (depending on the weather), versus the big jobs that may be more lucrative and enjoyable but also come along less often. 

Depending on the size of the lawn landscapers have to mow, they may use an ordinary push mower, a stand-on mower or a riding lawn mower. Although most lawn mowers mulch the grass nowadays versus blowing it into a tiny bag that needs to be emptied every couple of rows, mowing lawns can still be a messy business. 

Especially if the grass is damp, it can collect under the mower in sticky clumps that need to be removed in order for the mower to work properly. Sure, landscapers could wear gloves — and they do for work such as removing poison ivy or cutting lumber — but true landscapers and devoted home gardeners often eschew wearing gloves because they are so clumsy and cumbersome to work with. The job would take so much longer with gloves.

Thus, when you’re a landscaper, your hands often retain a shade of green that’s hard to remove. And why bother? They’ll be green again tomorrow. All those grass clippings and their staining properties are not what you want on your metal ring. 

An Enso silicone ring is simple to clean, but make it easy on yourself and get a Vibrant Green ring. Other great green choices are our Grogu Ring, Forest Ring, Pine Ring, Dragon Ring, Dragon Scale Ring, Peacock Quartz Ring, Mermaid Ring, Medusa Ring, Snake Ring and Loch Ness Ring. In our birthstone ring collection, our green rings include Aquamarine, Emerald, Peridot and Alexandrite. But what if none of these is your birthstone? So what?! There’s no rule that says you can’t wear a stone associated with a different birthday month.

If mowing lawns is your job, you know how often you have to add gas or oil to your mower, and somehow it always gets on your hands. The last thing you want to expose your metal wedding band to is caustic fluids. Further, working with machinery such as lawn mowers can be risky when you’re wearing a metal ring. 

That’s why many landscapers prefer a silicone ring. At Enso Rings, we have a wide selection of silicone rings that are perfect for landscapers. One of our newest versions, a Patina Silicone Ring infused with real copper, is created to have a weathered appearance. Its burnished copper finish is mixed with pale green swirls to mimic oxidation.

Working in the Dirt

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a home gardener, planting is part of what you do. Home gardeners love getting on the ground and digging in the dirt, and they love the satisfaction of watching their plants grow and thrive.

What they might like less well is the dirt that gets on and under their metal wedding ring. While some gardeners wear gloves to protect their hands, many enjoy the feeling of the dirt on their fingers. Gardening has been shown to improve mental health, and the more you immerse yourself in the experience, the better off you are. 

When you choose to wear a silicone wedding ring, you can just rinse it off when you’re done gardening. If any residue remains on your ring, you can clean it with a mild soap such as hand soap or dishwashing detergent and a soft brush. 

Great rings for gardeners include our Meteorite Ring, Siren Ring, Coffee Bean Ring and Mocha Ring.

Building with a Silicone Ring

A fun part of some landscaping projects is building outdoor structures out of rocks or stones. While many of these jobs are best left to the professionals, others are perfect for a DIY project for the weekend. These include building a stone wall, a firepit or a patio.

Regardless of whether your project will incorporate paver stones, bricks or stones you have unearthed on your property, one thing is for certain: working with stone will scratch a metal wedding ring. But with a silicone ring, you’re safe, because silicone rings are soft and flexible.

Especially if you’re using gravel and mortar to build your structure, these substances can be hard on a metal ring. Good silicone rings for masons and others who work with stone include the Ultralite Slate Ring and Platinum Ring.

Save Your Metal Ring for Special Occasions

When you get a silicone ring from Enso Rings, you can wear it 24/7 and save your metal ring for special occasions such as anniversary dinners or attending weddings or reunions. Wearing a silicone ring every day will keep your metal wedding band looking bright, shiny and new for many more years than expected.

Not only will your metal ring stay nicer for longer, but you’ll be safer in your silicone wedding ring. Because it’s essentially made of rubber, your silicone ring will break if exposed to enough force. That won’t happen with a metal ring, and that puts your fingers in danger if you work with heavy machinery or in another dangerous profession.

Plus, silicone rings are so much fun to wear! They’re so economical that you can buy several and wear them on different days for a change of pace. 

Check out Enso Rings’ full selection of silicone wedding rings and buy yours today!

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