There are many people who will benefit from having an alternative to their fancy wedding ring that they can wear in certain daily settings, and those who use their hands on the job regularly are common examples. Consider a massage therapist, for example -- this person's entire job involves the use of their hands, and there are many situations where traditional diamond or other stone rings simply won't be conducive to performing these tasks. 

At Enso Rings, we're here to help. We offer our wide selection of silicone rings to numerous people and needs, with a huge range of choices for both men and women. What are some of the reasons many massage therapists prefer our products for wearing on-the-job compared to other metal ring formats? Here are several to consider. 

Patient Comfort

The comfort of your patients is of paramount importance to any massage therapist, and one quick way to ruin it is to scratch or otherwise hurt them with your rings. Metal rings with jagged stones or other elements can create such an issue, leading to repeated complaints from clients.

Even metal rings without a jagged stone can create issues for some patients, particularly in terms of pressure being placed on their skin. If a metal ring catches a little bit of skin as you massage it, it could snag and create immense pain for the patient -- and they make take their business elsewhere.

We've found that silicone rings avoid these issues because the material is so flexible and smooth. Even our men's titanium and black zirconium silos are extremely low in terms of surface area, which means they're unlikely to catch on anyone's skin during a massage session. 

Our silicone rings are also smooth and without sharp edges or points, making them very safe to wear for patients of any age, even children. This is why we have many massage therapists who use our rings during their work day every day. 

Therapist Comfort 

And while patient comfort should be your top priority as a massage therapist, your own comfort is vital as well. You won't be able to give a great massage to your clients if you're not feeling comfortable in your own environment. 

And simply put, many massage therapists -- as well as people in many other hands-first industries -- find daily wear far more comfortable with a silicone ring than with a traditional metal ring. First, it's flexible and easy to form around your hand or finger as you slip it on, making is very easy to wear for long periods of time with little-to-no fatigue. Silicone rings are also fairly lightweight in terms of mass compared to many metals (particularly the heavier ones like titanium), meaning it won't weigh down your hand or cause fatigue over time. Silicone rings are also far less likely to fall off of your finger during a work day, so you don't have to worry about constantly checking.

What's more, silicone rings are waterproof and completely non-conductive, meaning if you do accidentally get them wet, there's no danger of harming yourself. And because silicone rings are resistant to many chemicals, they're actually safer than a lot of other ring choices when it comes to using them in the lab or other work environments with harsh chemicals.

Damage or Loss Risks

Wearing a silicone ring during your daily work as a massage therapist also eliminates the risk of damaging or losing your traditional ring, which is often quite expensive. Because your metal ring is securely on your finger where it should be, you can go about your work without worrying about catching it on something. And because of its non-conductive properties, silicone rings also don't pose the same risk of causing an accident as a traditional metal alloy ring would. 

Antimicrobial and Non-Porous

In addition to everything we've gone over above, silicone rings are antimicrobial and non-porous by nature. In an environment like massage, where cleanliness is such an important theme, this is a huge asset. 

In terms of antimicrobial issues, silicone rings can help to protect you from things like bacterial infections and other common problems that arise as a result of frequent contact with people's sweat and oils. And by being non-porous, they can't absorb these substances the way some metals do. You won't find gross buildups of dirt, grime and bacteria under your silicone rings.

Further, you won't find your hands or fingers irritated by the materials used in our rings like you might with some other metals or plastics. This is especially helpful during long work days when you're coming in regular contact with many people and their sweat.

All things considered, silicone rings are a smart choice for use in any hands-first profession. Massage therapists are only one example of the type of person that can benefit from wearing one instead of a traditional metal ring made from alloy materials.

Spending that Money Elsewhere

Finally, we know that many of our massage therapist clients are sole practitioners who own and operate their own therapy spas. Many such individuals are counting every dollar to try and make their business work -- and some even gravitate toward silicone rings because they're so much more affordable than other ring options. Those thousands of dollars that might otherwise be spent on a diamond ring? Some choose to divert that money to their business instead, but still get a ring they love -- and that will help them commemorate a significant other or a special occasion -- by going the silicone route.

For more on the benefits silicone rings offer to massage therapists, or to learn about any of our silicone rings or bracelets, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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