Now that you have decided to purchase a ring, the next choice you have is whether you want to engrave it. Engraving a silicone ring is a great way to personalize it for yourself or for someone you love. 

Rings have long been a symbol of love and commitment, as well as a status symbol for someone in power. The first known engravings were on rings in medieval times around the 12th century in France and England. These posy rings were inscribed with words or poems. At the time these rings were thought to be magical and the words engraved on them gave them a certain amount of power. 

In Victorian times people would engrave rings with swirled ribbons, crosses, and “love knots.” Later in the Edwardian Period the engravings were more likely to be ornamental, using filigree designs formed out of small strands of metal. These delicate embellishments were a sign of wealth and status, and dominated the elegant rings of that period. 

The practice of engraving words (after the first known occurrences in the 12th century) didn’t come until many years later. Around the 17th and 18th centuries, people once again started engraving rings, but this time it was primarily messages of love and commemoration. Although some of the sentiments inscribed (such as the 17th-century posy ring that senior Christie’s jewelry David Warren found with ‘Obedient Wife, Happy Life’) are not acceptable by today’s standards, they set the stage for a future where many couples would choose engraving as an option to send a message of love to their significant other.

Choosing What to Engrave on Your Ring

If you’ve decided that ring engraving is the best option for you, the next decision to make is exactly what you want to have engraved on it. There are a lot of different ways you can go with your engraved message, so it’s best to think about:

  • The personality of the person you are engraving the ring for

  • What effect you want it to have on them 

Some of the most common things that people choose to engrave are: 

  • Sentimental – such as a favorite shared quote or song lyric

  • Reminiscent – for example, the place that you met 

  • Memorial – such as the date that you met or your wedding date

  • Personal – for example, the initials of you and your significant other

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all the things that you might want to put on a ring. Much of the decision of what to include should be based on your own personalities and the type of relationship you have. Couples that like to joke around and laugh might choose a funny saying or inside joke that they share. Those that are religious may want to include a reference to a scripture verse or spiritual memory. 

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to be in a relationship to get an engraved ring. Someone who is purchasing their own ring or a ring as a gift for a friend can also use engraving to create a memorable piece of jewelry. While these messages might not have the same undertones of love, they are certainly applicable if you want something to remind yourself about important life events, people who mean a lot to you, or other important milestones. 

Considerations Before Engraving Your Ring

As you’re preparing to engrave your ring, there are a few things to think about first. 

Engraving site

Many of the silicone rings available from Enso Rings can be engraved on either the outside (think “Lord of the Rings” style) or the inside of the ring. If you’re planning to have a ring engraved on the outside make sure it’s a message that you don’t mind other people being able to see or read. Something that you intended to be private should be kept on the interior of the ring. Remember that if you engrave on the outside of the ring, it will potentially create space for dirt and other things (like lotions, soaps, etc.) to get inside so you will need to have a way to clean it. It might also wear down over time because it’s exposed to the outside.

Length of engraved content

Since rings are limited in size, so is the space you have for engraving. You won’t be able to fit the entire lyrics of your favorite song or sometimes even your full names, based on the space you have available. Most of the time the front on your engraved ring cannot be bigger than a certain size because it wouldn’t be readable. You will need to look at how many total characters are available and create a message that fits within that space. You can use abbreviations (such as your initials instead of your names), or even symbols to shorten the message and make it fit.

Typeface and style

You can choose what font style (typeface) you use, and it can impact your message. For example, you might choose a script font for a romantic message or a bold style for something that you want to remind yourself about, like a personal mantra. You can also decide between all-caps, all-lowercase, or just capitalizing certain parts. If you choose a script font, keep in mind that it’s harder to read when you do that in all capital letters. It works great for initials, but for a sentence that you want to read it’s probably not the best choice.

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