Just like any other item you use on a regular or even daily basis, silicone rings worn often will require some very basic cleaning. Luckily, this process is incredibly simple and easy to carry out -- especially when compared to other ring materials you'll often see today.

At Enso Rings, we're proud to offer a wide selection of silicone rings, plus expertise to all our clients on when and how to clean their rings for both quality appearance and the best long-term durability. Have you recently noticed that your ring is sticky, grimy or otherwise impacted by buildups? These are common signs you may want to clean the ring, but they aren't the only ones. Here's a primer on how silicone compares to other ring materials in terms of cleaning needs, plus some signs your ring might need a cleaning and how you can go about this. 

Silicone Vs Other Ring Materials

One of the key benefits of silicone compared to other ring materials like metal is how easy it is to clean. Both water and silicone (specifically, dish soap) work well for cleaning without hassle or any special steps required. 

Of course, there are some precautions you need to take when using either method -- direct contact with hot water can warp the ring, while scrubbing used on other rings may cause metallic scratches or paint chipping. However, this isn't an issue with silicone rings or bracelets you wear daily for work or play.

There are some other benefits to cleaning your silicone ring as well. For example, unlike jewellery made of wood, stone or even wood like bamboo, a silicone ring is very resistant to water and moisture. When washing a wooden ring or one worn in water, you may notice damage or fading of the material. In contrast, a silicone ring will never weaken over time from regular exposure to water -- which includes swimming and showering.

In fact, regular cleaning makes your silicone ring last even longer! There are some telltale signs when you should clean your ring, which we'll go over below.

Signs Your Ring Needs Cleaning

In some cases, the signs your ring needs a cleaning are very obvious even to the naked eye; in others, they might not be. Here are a few possible such signs:

  • Simple stickiness or grimy feeling on your finger: While not necessarily visible, these are the most common signs your ring needs a cleaning. This can happen if you've recently worked with or come in contact with something which left behind oils and residues; water and dish soap should both take care of this. Additionally, even without physical contact, some buildups may begin to form over time -- again making it look or feel a bit grimy.

  • Buildup of dust, dirt and even pets' hair: These particles will often become attached to the ring over time, leaving it looking less-than-perfect. By washing your silicone ring regularly as part of your aftercare routine, you'll easily prevent these from becoming more than an occasional issue -- especially when you use lukewarm water.

  • Rashes or skin irritation: You may at first think these concerns come from the silicone itself, but silicone is actually hypoallergenic to nearly everyone -- it's far more likely the ring has picked up some kind of chemical or other residue which is causing a skin reaction. These can quickly be cleaned away!

  • Small specks of dirt or grime building up on edges: These issues will be fairly small and may easily go unnoticed, but if you're noticing small specks on your ring it's a sure sign that buildups are beginning to form -- and could possibly be removed by cleaning.

Options for Cleaning Silicone Rings

Another major benefit of silicone rings compared to other types is how easy they are to clean -- and the multiple simple options you have for doing so:

  • Washing by hand: For those who need a quicker wash that's still very thorough, using simple soap and water is a great method. Simply fill a bowl with warm soapy water, then dip the ring in it a few times -- if you have 10-15 minutes available, you can actually soak the ring in the water for a few minutes. From here, either rinse the ring under running water or use a toothbrush to scrub any build-up which may have formed.

  • Washing in the dishwasher: If you want to use something that's even more powerful yet still gentle, put your silicone ring inside an utensil basket when washing it in the dishwasher -- this will give it maximum exposure to water and detergent while protecting other items from any possible scratches. Just be sure to place it on the top rack!

  • Cloth or towel: For an even faster cleaning option for those often on the go, use of a damp cloth or towel is typically enough to remove basic surface grime -- though not ones which have built up over time. Many people will combine this temporary form of cleaning with a more robust one they carry out either weekly or monthly, depending on how much they wear the ring.

On important note here: While not all chemical cleaners will necessarily damage your silicone ring, some certainly will -- and we recommend avoiding this risk entirely by simply not going this route. The methods we've gone over above are easily robust enough to cover all your ring cleaning needs without purchasing any additional chemicals. 

For more on how to clean your silicone ring, or to learn about any of our silicone ring products or services, speak to the pros at Enso Rings today.

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