Many workplaces have safety precautions in place to ensure that you and your fellow employees won’t get hurt. While not every single rule makes sense, the ones that definitely do are the rules prohibiting metal rings and jewelry. There are several professions where the presence of a metal ring around your finger, or any metal jewelry at all, could pose a serious health hazard and even put at higher risk of accidental death.

Electricity and Metal

Employees that work around electricity, whether that is in a place like a machine shop or as an electrician, need to take extra precautions to avoid the risk of electrical shock. You already know that metal is a conductive material, but did you know gold and silver both make the top 10 list of most conductive elements? If your ring comes in contact with an electrical current, it will shock you. In some serious cases that could be a powerful enough shock to cause lasting damage, and even death. Even wearing your metal ring around your neck could still be dangerous if you work around electricity. That’s why workplaces insist that you leave metal jewelry at home or in a locker and far away from your body.

Ring Avulsion Injuries

Just because you don’t work in an environment with active electrical currents doesn’t mean you’re safe to wear a metal ring at work. There are a lot of other professions where you work with your hands, and having that inflexible metal around your finger could still pose a significant risk.

The most dangerous injury that you are at risk of suffering is a ring avulsion. That is the medical term for when your metal ring gets caught on something and the force of that ring being pulled off your finger causes severe tissue damage. In rare but very serious cases it could even cause a traumatic amputation of your finger if the force is great enough. The “best case” scenario is usually extreme bruising, and possibly damage to the muscles and ligaments. This is still very painful and could lead to a long and expensive recovery. If you need your hands for work, that could also mean you’re out of a job for a while as it heals.

Silicone rings provide a much safer alternative because they allow you to continue wearing your ring, even for:

  • Construction

  • Heavy machine operators

  • Firefighters

  • Law enforcement

  • Nurses and doctors

  • Mechanics

  • Military

These rings are stretchy, so if your finger did get caught on something, the ring would immediately break, leaving your finger intact and avoiding severe injury.

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