Engraved Silicone Ring

Leave your mark.

Historically, engraving
was used to make or decorate things that were used in everyday life to
make beads, earplugs, masks, plaques, and of course gemstones. It was
also largely used to record history. We offer you this same service for
any custom silicone ring you buy. Silicone band rings
can feel commonplace and casual—a part of our everyday living. Make
yours memorable and record your bit of history with an engraved silicone

Memories set in silicone.

Seal your bonds of love and moments of triumph with words set in
silicone. Give you and your loved ones a way to see those special words
of encouragement and commitment day in and day out. An engraved silicone
ring can be specially made by Enso for any event you never want to

Engrave the name of a child on the outside of a ring and put their
birthdate on the inside. With each new addition to the family, add
another ring. For an anniversary or birthday, write words of love for
your special someone and give them a gift they’ll never want to take
off. Our thin silicone rings are so light, they won’t want to. Cheer on your favorite football team with “GO BLUE!” engraved across blue and white Sports Stacks. Go weightless with Ultralite,
and write your health goal on the inside of the ring. A reminder to
yourself of what you’re working so hard for, with a plan to buy a new
ring when you achieve it.

Nothing is set in stone. But when you inscribe it in silicone, it
creates a meaningful space for reflection, commitment and achievement.
Use words of encouragement and recognition to create a ring that will
last beyond the latest styles and seasonal color trends.

Using silicone is the right way to wear rings

For just under $10 you can create something unforgettable—unique
silicone ring that will be worn for wears with love, pride and true
enjoyment. Silicone is a material that make rings easy to wear and leave
on. Enso’s signature air channels prevent sweat and sticking. The
breathability is met with flexibility, creating a ring that melds with
every finger movement and hand action. No job is too tough or too
dangerous for it. No hobby needs to be paused to remove it. No hand
holding is too tight for it. We have made our rings light and thin. A
pleasure to be worn all day long and through any night. You’ll find that
you only take it off to clean it or replace it with another silicone

Now that’s a ring you want to have a message engraved on, because it will be worn and the words inscribed within it will be felt.