How Do You Make Silicone Rings?

Many of our customers ask us, how are silicone rings made? There are many reasons they want to know this: curiosity, concern over allergies, wanting to be sure Enso Rings suit their purpose. Luckily, we have all the answers.

What Is Silicone?

First, let’s distinguish between silicon and silicone. Enso Rings are made of silicone. Silicon (without the e on the end) is an element in the periodic table of elements — number 14 to be exact. It’s a naturally occurring chemical in the earth. To make the rubbery substance known as silicone, you must source silicon and add polymers and organic compounds.

To get the silicon you need to make silicone, you must first obtain silica, a type of sand. A ring made out of sand doesn’t make it sound too durable, does it? But stay with us as we take you through the silicone-making process.

It is not possible to find large volumes of pure silica — you must extract the silica from the sand. To do this, the sand must be heated to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s left after this is pure silica, which is ground into powder. Next, methyl chloride is added to the powder and it is heated again. The result is dimethyldichlorosilane, which is the main ingredient in silicone. At this point, manufacturers must separate the components of the product and add water to create polydimethylsiloxane.

These are a lot of big words, but the truth is the process is fairly simple and straightforward, and that’s why silicone products are so popular. They’re strong, safe and economical.

Is the Silicone-Making Process Safe?

Because silicone is made from silica, a naturally occurring element, it is very safe. The process silica undergoes to become silicone is not toxic to humans and does not involve oil or other carcinogens.

Some people ask us about allergies to silicone. Silicone is not an allergen, and as such does not cause rashes, itching or reactions of any kind. However, irritation may occur when wearing a silicone ring for other reasons.

For instance, many of Enso Rings’ silicone rings are designed with grooves inside to make the rings breathable. This helps make them more comfortable and prevents your finger from sweating when you’re wearing a silicone ring.

We are always underscoring how safe and durable our silicone rings are, and how you can wear them while doing any activity, even dangerous activities. So it is possible for these grooves inside your ring to fill up with food particles, saltwater, sand, dirt, cleaning products or any one of a million other things that could possibly slip between your ring and your finger. This is what can cause irritation.

So although it is safe to wear your ring while kneading bread, gardening and using a pottery wheel, we recommend you rinse the inside afterward if you suffer any type of irritation.

You may be aware that some people who have received silicone breast implants have become sick due to a reaction to the silicone. However, the silicone used in breast implants is different from the type of silicone we use to make Enso Rings. And more importantly, Enso Rings are worn on the outside of your body and do not come into contact with your bloodstream or other organs the way a damaged breast implant can.

How are Enso Rings Made?

To make our rings and our bracelets, we have a base silicone formula we use to ensure they are soft, flexible and durable. That means we want our rings to feel comfortable on your finger, to move with you and not pose the kind of danger that metal rings can.

From this base formula, we add in other ingredients to make our silicone rings individual and unique. We use a variety of colors to make gold, silver, rose gold, pink, green, blue and every color ring imaginable.

We also use ingredients to make our rings have different appearances. Some of our rings are designed to look like metal. Others have a soft, pearly finish. Some have opalescent rainbow qualities — these rings can be different colors in different lights!

Our manufacturing process includes a variety of molds as well. Many of our silicone rings come in different widths, for instance. Others have different styles, such as braided, beaded and hammered. These rings are thin and stackable, so you can wear several at once.

We have molds that make rings with a beveled edge and others that have a thin line through the center. Our Infinity Rings come with the infinity symbol engraved on the outside — perfect as a wedding or anniversary gift. Our Dual-Tone Rings sport a different color on the inside and the outside. Our new Star Wars collection comes engraved with the faces of six popular characters.

Our Accent Rings are our most unusual-shaped designs — traditionally round on the inside of
your finger with a wave or feather accent on the outside.

We stamp some of our rings with fun designs and symbols, including sugar skulls, flowers, original artwork, coral designs and much more.

Personalized Rings for Men & Women

Although we have dozens of molds we use to create our rings, you have the option of customizing your gift and getting an engraved ring. We can engrave your ring with the recipient’s name, initials, a special date or anything you wish.

Engraved rings are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or another holiday. You can give them to your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, son, daughter, best friend or anyone you like.

Enso Silicone Rings

Now that you know how silicone rings are made, you likely feel even better about buying and wearing them! Silicone is safe, plentiful and responsibly sourced, and that’s why Enso Rings is able to offer you such a stunning variety of silicone rings and bracelets. Buy some today!

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