Plusses of Silicone Rings for Fencing Professionals

Many of us work in rugged environments that require durable equipment and materials, and fence professionals who install and repair fences are definitely among these individuals. The kinds of things you wear on your arms and hands are important if you're in this sort of profession, including any rings you wear on your fingers during the course of an average day. 

Enso Rings is here to provide a great option for those who don't necessarily want to wear a heavy, expensive metal ring during such activities: Our wide selection of silicone rings, which includes our Bevel collection, our Contour selection and numerous others that are designed specifically with comfort and durability in mind. Here are some basics on why silicone rings are often ideal for fencing contractors and others in related roles. 

Daily Roles of a Fencing Professional

A fencing contractor will use their hands for virtually every major task they perform. They must be able to hold and adjust fence materials, handle power tools, dig post holes and more. They need to have their hands available for a range of tasks that require dexterity yet also strength. 

Not only this, but they often work in settings where rough terrain and outdoor elements are at play. In such settings, a lightweight silicone ring can be much more comfortable than metal rings that have been created to look good but won't necessarily perform well under great duress. 

Problems With Bulky Metal Rings for Fencing Contractors

As you may have already guessed, metal rings don't make the best choices when it comes to providing protection and comfort while working in tough conditions. Here are some of the key issues with them: 

  • Too heavy: Metal rings can be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear while doing physical activity, especially when that activity involves the active use of the hands. For example, when swinging a hammer with a metal ring, the wearer could experience discomfort or even pain. 

  • Too expensive: Metal rings can also be quite costly and may not hold up very well over time in rugged environments. In some cases, they could end up getting damaged or dented from heavy use. 

  • Inflexible: In any case where a ring becomes caught on something or an individual needs to pull away quickly, a metal ring can be more difficult to get off than one made of silicone - silicone rings are actually made to break away in any such situation, avoiding any major ring avulsion or related injury risk.

  • Uncomfortable: Finally, metal rings can be very uncomfortable to wear when a person's hands swell due to heat or activity. Silicone rings, on the other hand, are designed with comfort in mind and won't put any pinch pressure on the wearer's finger. 

Luckily, silicone rings offer a great alternative for many people here. Our next few sections will go over some of the key reasons why.

Light and Easy to Forget About

For many people who wear silicone rings, it's common to go hours without noticing that they have them on. Silicone rings are so lightweight that it's easy to forget about wearing one, an important feature for those who tend to work with their hands all day long and don't want the distraction of having a heavy metal ring.

This is in contrast to metal rings that have been crafted to look nice but not necessarily perform well in tough settings. With metal rings, the wearer will naturally be aware of their weight throughout the day and this can make long days more difficult.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike metal rings that require a certain degree of maintenance and cleaning, silicone rings don't need much at all in this regard. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is usually enough to get them back to looking as good as new. This makes them ideal for fencing contractors who want to keep their ring clean after every job or even throughout the day - depending on the situation. 

More Affordable

Silicone rings are much more affordable than metal rings, making them more accessible to the average person. This is especially beneficial for those on tight budgets who may not be able to afford an expensive metal ring but still want something that looks great and lasts a long time. 

Down related lines, if anything happens to your silicone ring on the job - including situations where the ring prevents injury to your finger by breaking off instead of catching - you can easily replace it without spending too much money. A metal ring may cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace, but this is definitely not the case when it comes to silicone rings.

Durable and Comfortable

Finally, silicone rings are designed with durability and comfort in mind. They don't pinch your skin, they won't corrode or tarnish over time, and they won't become uncomfortable when your hands swell due to activity. All of these factors make them a great choice for those who work in tough environments like fence professionals. 

In conclusion, it's clear that silicone rings provide many benefits to those who work in tough environments but don't want to sacrifice their style or comfort. From their affordability to their comfort and durability, these rings are a great option for anyone who needs to stay both safe and stylish on the job. If you're looking for a ring that can handle any situation, silicone is definitely the way to go!

For more on this, or to learn about any of our silicone ring products or services, speak to our team at Enso Rings today.

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