Should I Buy a Silicone Ring?

Have you been thinking about buying a new ring, and wondering what type of ring might be best for you? There are a lot of choices for sure, ranging from traditional metal wedding rings or diamond rings to newer options like silicone. If you are comparing some of these rings to each other to try and figure out which one you want to spend your money on, here are some helpful tips on who should buy a silicone ring, and who should not.

Top Reasons to Buy a Silicone Ring

Rings are something that can be very personal—they are often a symbol of a meaningful and lasting relationship, a commitment, a friendship, or simply a fashion statement. There are a lot of different reasons that you might be thinking about buying a ring right now, but no matter why you are thinking about the purchase of a ring today, there is one thing that is universally true: precious metal or diamond rings are not always the best choice. Here are a few of the reasons you should be thinking about buying a silicone ring instead.

1: They are comfortable.

Silicone rings are made from silicone rubber, a manmade material that is designed to stretch and be flexible so you can wear them comfortably no matter what you do and where you go. These rings are designed to hug your finger so they even stay on during sweaty workouts and in the water, something your metal ring might not do. And if your fingers swell throughout the day—during a hard workout or while you’re pregnant—that stretch means your ring won’t be cutting off your circulation.

2: There are so many styles to choose from.

If you look at metal rings and think they all basically look the same, silicone rings can be a much better choice. These rings come in such a wide variety of styles and selections that you can find one to perfectly match your own personal preferences. From Dualtone rings with different interior and exterior colors to stackable styles or traditional bevel, you can find everything you want. Enso Rings also has amazing limited-time editions that give you a unique style you won’t see on everyone else’s fingers.

3: They can go pretty much anywhere you want to

Everyone can enjoy and benefit from a silicone ring. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a gym rat, or someone who works in a facility where metal rings aren’t allowed for safety reasons, silicone rings fit the bill. They transition easily from a hike in the mountains to a dinner date with that special someone.

4: They are built to last.

Silicone is an extremely durable (and still biocompatible) ring material. It can be heated up to more than 500 degrees Fahrenheit, or down to -75 degrees without losing its shape, breaking, or getting permanently damaged. It won’t get scratched, dented, or dinged when you’re working with metals or lifting weights and if it temporarily loses its shape during some activity it will immediately bounce back.

Who Should Not Buy a Silicone Ring

Despite all of those benefits listed above, there still might be a few people who shouldn’t buy a silicone ring. If any of these describe you, consider skipping the silicone ring for now:

  • You have unlimited money and you don’t care how you spend it. Since silicone rings are a super affordable option for anyone who wants to get a lasting symbol of love and commitment or a great fashion accessory, they aren’t exactly suitable for someone who is looking for ways to waste money. If that sounds like you and you have more money than you know what to do with, go for something that costs a lot more, like gold, platinum, or diamonds.

  • You never do anything that might put your fingers at risk. One of the great benefits of silicone rings is that they can protect against ring avulsion injuries that occur when a metal ring is ripped off of your finger. If you never do anything that could potentially lead to a ring avulsion injury, you definitely don’t need the safety of a silicone ring. However, it’s important to note that some activities are more dangerous than you might think—late-night host Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger after tripping on a rug in his home and getting his metal ring caught on his countertop.

  • You never go outdoors, do things with your hands, or do workouts. If you never head outside of your house to do anything outside, you don’t ever use your hands for crafts or hobbies, and you don’t do workouts, then a silicone ring might not be worthwhile.

Buy Your Silicone Ring

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